Art Nouveau

The splendour and transparency of the enamels have always fascinated the Grand Masters jewellers, and browsing through the best specialized magazines, it is easy to find out that enamels, mostly those applied through the "plique á jour" technique, were the main components of the most astonishing "Liberty" jewels.

The "Art Nouveau" got its climax between the 1880 and the 1910, and ever since very few talented masters have known how to preserve it, because of difficulties and long times processing. It is carried on by us with endless patience and love for beautiful, and it is only and exclusively handmade. We all love beautiful things, and for succeeding in the art we’re talking about, we’ve built up with efforts and passion a very well trained staff of artisans. We are very proud of their ability and competence, and nowadays we can’t boast of offering to our customers anything that a collection of "Art Nouveau" jewels we don’t hesitate to define: the best ever!