Worthy of the maximum level!

Luciano Tinelli and his marvellous watches have walked along this niche of market for many years, going along with few selected firms, as few are the consumers who even if are tempted by resounding brands promotions, are capable of perceiving the value of unique masterpieces, manufactured with swiss precision movements and dressed up with elegance and all italian taste.

Luciano Tinelli has started working during the fabulous sixties, and instead of going for mass production –highly rewarding at that time- has taken the way for absolute quality: a most difficult choice!

Since 1990 Tinelli has become, with regard to the international market, the sole italian producer of a top qualitative watch line, and this status has been recognized by many prizes given all over to his watches.

Tinelli’s watches are designed for women, and sometimes come along with matching rings and earrings.

It is also available a man’s line, wearable anytime, thanks to its sportive and elegant essence.