Our zodiacs collection, unique as concerns its kind, has been inspired by the elegant and refined period known as "Art Nouveau", which reached its splendour between the end of the nineteenth-century and the first ten years of the following. Nowadays, "Art Nouveau" artists such as Lalique, Fouquet, Vever and Lucienne Gaillard, whose gave life to wonderful and everlasting jewels, still now searched by a multitude of collectors, have finally found out its own heirs at the Tinelliís firm: the sole representative of this art!

All the zodiacs own a common feature, that is in the kind of enamelling, known as "plique á jour" in french language, and "smalto a cattedrale" in italian.

The goods so treated get an extraordinary transparence, such to be worthy of the mastersí masterpieces just mentioned.

Each zodiac is represented within its astral element: fire, earth, water and air.

The effigy of the sign, as well as the structure around, are in gold, while the background is enamelled and sets with precious diamonds.