Luciano Tinelli's exciting adventure begins in Valenza, capital of Italian jewelry, in 1966.
Luciano Tinelli manifests creativity and competence from the beginning, giving life to collections in which whimsical new ideas mingle with the artisanal tradition of jewelry merely forged by hand; in a short time, Tinelli and its jewels make themselves a name among the most famous international jewelery companies.
The encounter with stimulating cultures and societies in their diversity, provides additional impetus for creating authentic masterpieces, including the Art Nouveau collections, Neoclassical and Zodiac, still in vogue given their being beyond ephemeral fashions.

The growing passion for watchmaking, leads Luciano Tinelli to shape and present his first watch; and the 1990, and this will turn out to be the first step of a journey in the company of time, with the sole objective of blending high quality high jewelry and watches, certainly a meeting point as unexplored as ambitious. The 2 February 1993, At the contest “The Gallery of Design and Innovation”, organized by the JA Show in New York, a jury composed of leaders in the field of design attributes to the watch presented by Luciano Tinelli, the prize “Best in Show”.
In July of the same year, always to New York, the JA Show gives life to a new competition “The Window Unit Display” and Tinelli watches reposition themselves at the top of the judges' preferences; The three watches on display are awarded for the harmonious combination of their shapes and the choice of raw materials.

August 1st 2001, the latest acknowledgment in order of time for Luciano Tinelli's watches. The New York JA Show organizes a “Concours d'Elegance” and the Tinelli watch in the running gets the prize “Eli Wallach” for the most attractive design.

To fully understand the importance of these victories, it is essential to clarify that they have been achieved in a highly competitive sector, where among the participants in the competitions there are “claws” of an ancient date and celebrated all over the world. Innovation and quality of watches, in a short time, they transported the brand to the Asian markets, Hong Kong has become the capital of Asia which has experienced enormous success, design and quality have crossed the continent transversely. This online showcase was created to offer the opportunity to customers looking for exclusive jewelry, to buy anywhere in the world and to spread the culture of handmade jewelry.

These successes have certainly brought prestige to Luciano Tinelli, raising its international prestige together with that of its jewels, whose elegant shapes in gold and enamel, defined by high quality diamonds colored precious stones, they are a pleasure to see each other, but even more to wear.