Art Deco

“Art Deco” it is difficult to label, and more than an artistic style, can be explained as a sophisticated taste trend developed particularly in France and Central Europe between the ten and thirties of the twentieth century., mainly in response to the decline of the Liberty style, of which he inherited some characteristics.
The “Deco” He was initially inspired by the pictorial current of Cubism, abandoning the curved and sinuous lines of female figures and floral ornaments, often combined with gentle insects such as dragonfly, and inserting geometric strokes, Stylizations of human figures and naturalistic motifs with contrasting colors.
This expression reached its peak during the Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris., in 1925, and among its greatest heralds we find artists such as Réne Lalique and Romain de Tirtoff, said Erté.


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