Art Nouveau

The splendor and transparency of the enamels have always fascinated the Great Master Jewelers, and a proof comes from the best magazines in the sector, which often point out that the enamels, mostly those applied with the technique "plique jour" – enamel at the cathedral – represented the main components of the most admired "Liberty" jewelry.
"Art Nouveau", which reached its peak between 1880 and 1910, is an art whose dictates have been received and preserved only by a few talented masters, both for the difficulties and for the times inherent in the process of processing, and each jewel is shaped and assembled by hand, with infinite patience and love for beauty.
Each of us loves beauty, and in order to portray it with dignity in Art Nouveau, we have created a team of artisans all passion and creative skills; we are truly proud of their skills, the result of effort and constant commitment, and today we can boast of offering our customers the most complete "Art Nouveau" jewelry collection in the world. Best ever!


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