Our Zodiac collection is one of a kind, and its genesis is to be attributed to the inspiration provided by the elegant and refined period known as Art Nouveau, which reached its maximum splendor at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Nowadays the masters of Art Nouveau, artists like Lalique, Fouquet, Vever and Lucienne Gaillard who have created splendid and eternal jewels still sought after by a multitude of collectors, have found in Luciano Tinelli their natural heir, the one and only torchbearer of this art.
The genus of enamelling is common to all zodiacs and is universally known by the name of “plique á jour”, term French approachable to Italian “Cathedral enamel”.
This treatment infuses the jewelry with an extraordinary transparency, making them worthy of the masterpieces created by the masters of”Art Nouveau”.
Each zodiac is depicted within its astral element: fire, earth, water and air.
The effigy and structure are in 18kt gold , the shades of gold color of the effigies are obtained by gilding and/or rhodium plating, the background is enamelled and there are set diamonds of good quality, as well as on the effigies of the signs.


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